Lisa DeLeeuw Biography

Lisa DeLeeuw BiographyLisa DeLeeuw: AKA (Lil’ Redhead, Lisa de Leeuw, Lisa De Leewu, Lisa De Leuw, Lisa De Luew, Lisa DeLeeue, Lisa DeLeeux, Lisa DeLeuew, Lisa Deleuw, Lisa Leeua, Lisa Trego, Liza De Leeuw )
Birthday: July 3, 1958
Astrology: Cancer
Birthplace: Moline ,
Years Active: 1977- 2012
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Red
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: 64
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Hershel Savage, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy


Porn Star Lisa De Leeuw was one of the favorite starlets of both fans and critics during her ten year stint in the hardcore world. Lisa De Leeuw was one of the most prolific stars of her era, cranking out scores of red-hot sex performances between 1978 and 1987. Lisa De Leeuw was able to make the transition from the bigger-budget theatrical films of the 70’s to the more quickly shot features of the early video boom. Her success in both mediums was due to her well-deserved reputation as one of the most sex-crazed starlets of her day. Lisa De Leeuw was a thick-set, naturally buxom redhead with a flair for acting and a feverish sexual intensity that simmered just below the surface. Lisa De Leeuw looked the part of the fierce sexual conqueror she was, and her full mouth and knowing eyes all contributed to the effect. Lisa De Leeuw had a strong, brassy personality, often coming across as porn’s answer to Mae West.Hailing originally from Moline, Illinois, Lisa De Leeuw started her hardcore career in the late 70’s with a number of ‘Swedish Erotica’ shorts, which thrust her into the bright porn spotlight. Lisa De Leeuw was selective in the roles she took, usually appearing in only high-quality productions. One of the first batch of Vivid Video contract players, Lisa De Leeuw also was signed exclusively to Caballero for a time in the 80’s. By 1987, she had done it all in the hardcore world, so she left films behind to concentrate on dancing gigs and her always-popular personal appearance schedule.Lisa De Leeuw is a member of the X-Rated Critics’ Organization’s Hall of Fame.She received the award in 1981 from the Critics’ Adult Film Awards for the movie ‘Amanda By Night’.She received the award in 1982 from the Critics’ Adult Film Awards for the movie ‘Blonde Heat’.She received the award in 1985 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Dixie Ray’.She received the award in 1986 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Raw Talent’.

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Vintage lingerie porn pics in 80’s porn cutie has wild sex with a hot intruder

Vintage lingerie porn pics in 80’s porn cutie has wild sex with a hot intruder

Classics interracial sex movie – “Miss Fantasy”

Name: Miss Fantasy

Year: 1983

Duration: 77 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Alan Vydra

Categories: Classics interracial sex movie, 1983, United States, English, Alan Vydra, Shauna Grant, Rachael Ashley, Tina Ronie, Rosa Lee Kimball, Adrienne Bellaire, Blackstar, Debbie Cole, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Billy Dee, Peter Bent, Rick Ardo, Beverly Hills, William Lowen, Facial, Interracial

Actors: John Leslie,Jamie Gillis,Billy Dee,Peter Bent,Rick Ardo,Beverly Hills,William Lowen

Actress: Shauna Grant,Rachael Ashley,Tina Ronie,Rosa Lee Kimball,Adrienne Bellaire,Blackstar,Debbie Cole

Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants aren’t judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! And imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Every girl in Miss Fantasy is an incredible beauty. It’s more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic!


Eva Orlowsky in Vintage italian porn films

Eva Orlowsky in Vintage italian porn films

Name: L’uccello del piacere

Country: Italy

Director: Riccardo Schicchi

Duration: 75 min

Year: 1989

Language: Italian

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Roberto Malone,Christophe Clark

Actress: Eva Orlowsky,Baby Pozzi

Categories: Vintage italian porn films, Eva Orlowsky, 1989, Italy, Italian, Riccardo Schicchi, Eva Orlowsky, Baby Pozzi, Rocco Siffredi, Roberto Malone, Christophe Clark

Eva Orlowsky in Vintage italian porn films

La versione integrale dell’esordio nell’hard di Baby Pozzi, affiancanta da un dinamico ed arrapatissimo Rocco Siffredi. Il film ambientato nel 1400 dove una giovane e sexy principessa trascorreva i suoi giorni avvolta nella pi? profonda tristezza, perch? non riusciva a trovare un uccello che la rendesse felice….ma un bel giorno!


Aja : 1980s vintage porn

Aja : 1980s vintage porn

Name: Still the Brat

Country: United States

Year: 1988

Duration: 70 min

Language: English

Director: Paul Thomas

Actress: Aja,Siobhan Hunter,Tami White,Nikki Randall

Actors: Tom Byron,Paul Thomas,Rick Savage

Categories: 1980s vintage porn, Aja, 1988, United States, English, Paul Thomas, Aja, Siobhan Hunter, Tami White, Nikki Randall, Tom Byron, Paul Thomas, Rick Savage, Facial

Aja : 1980s vintage porn

Still The Brat is a classic that features Nikki Randall, Aja, Tami White, and Siobhan Hunter. Look at that face, that body, those lips, those bright, sparkling eyes, those long, tanned legs, those perfect, pouting breasts. Is this a model for a fine perfume? Is this the star of a major network television program? No. This is the new Brat! The next big name! It all starts right here right now!


Catherine Ringer naked in “Education Anglaise”

Name: Education Anglaise

Year: 1981

Duration: 50 min

Language: French

Country: France

Director: Michel Ricaud

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Guy Royer

Categories: Catherine Ringer naked, 1981, France, French, Michel Ricaud, Catherine Ringer, Jean-Pierre Armand, Guy Royer

Actress: Catherine Ringer

Sylvie is sent to a very strict boarding school, where they offer a form of Victorian English education. The school readily and willingly resorts to a very strict regime of correction and corporal punishment to discipline its female pupils and the young girls compensate for the rigors of their education by devoting themselves to all kinds of kinky schoolgirl sexual encounters. Sylvie is initiated by schoolgirl-gone-bad Claire, who becomes her best friend whilst a local criminal escapes and a new female tutor presently appears at the school. However, this new teacher favors an even more depraved disciplinary regime. Could this new tutor be the escaped criminal disguised a woman? Schoolgirl sex, strict corporal punishment, assault, nudity, voyeurism, bondage and humiliation are all on the curriculum in this classic slice of 80’s French erotica.


Desiree Cousteau in retro porn picture

Desiree Cousteau in retro porn picture

Lesbian vintage porn in “Boneheads”

Name: Boneheads

Duration: 66 min

Year: 1992

Director: Paul Norman

Country: United States

Language: English

Categories: Lesbian vintage porn, 1992, United States, English, Paul Norman, Bionca, K.C. Williams, Traci Winn, Samantha York, Marc Wallace, Buck Adams, Eric Starr, Lesbian

Actress: Bionca,K.C. Williams,Traci Winn,Samantha York

Actors: Marc Wallace,Buck Adams,Eric Starr


Asian blowjobs vintage porn – “Gorgeous”

Name: Gorgeous

Country: United States

Duration: 80 min

Year: 1995

Language: English

Director: Tony Vincent

Actress: Alex Jordan,Veronica Sage,Kaylan Nicole,Dallas D’Amour

Actors: Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Vince Vouyer

Categories: Asian blowjobs vintage porn, 1995, United States, English, Tony Vincent, Alex Jordan, Veronica Sage, Kaylan Nicole, Dallas D’Amour, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Vince Vouyer, Facial, Anal, Lesbian, Asian


Bionca porn videos : “Sacrificed To Love”

Name: Sacrificed To Love

Year: 1986

Language: English

Director: John Stagliano

Duration: 85 min

Country: United States

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Bionca,Misty Regan,Patti Petite,Maggie Randall,Elaine Southern,Phoenix

Categories: Bionca porn videos, 1986, United States, English, John Stagliano, Sharon Mitchell, Bionca, Misty Regan, Patti Petite, Maggie Randall, Elaine Southern, Phoenix, Randy West, Francois, Rick Savage, Scott Irish, John Stagliano, Steve Powers

Actors: Randy West,Francois,Rick Savage,Scott Irish,John Stagliano,Steve Powers

Randy West plays a photographer. Sharon Mitchell plays a model who gets drawn into the sexual situations that evolve from his work.


Aki Wang porn in “Stranger in Town”

Name: Stranger in Town


Language: English

Year: 1978

Duration: 56 min

Country: United States

Actors: John Stagliano,Michael Parker,Rick Toole

Categories: Aki Wang porn, 1978, United States, English, Lisa DeLeeuw, Kandi Barbour, Maria Tortuga, Aki Wang, John Stagliano, Michael Parker, Rick Toole, Facial, Latin

Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw,Kandi Barbour,Maria Tortuga,Aki Wang

A look at the sordid side of beautiful bodies being peddled by a high class modeling agency. Full of voluptuous young girls who’ll do anything to reach the top.


Kathleen Gentry : vintage erotica pics

Kathleen Gentry : vintage erotica pics

Vintage lesbian pics in “Bare Waves”

Name: Bare Waves

Year: 1986

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: M.S. Novak

Duration: 86 min

Actors: Mike Horner,Jesse Adams,Scorpio

Categories: Vintage lesbian pics, 1986, United States, English, M.S. Novak, Lili Marlene, Nikki Charm, Jeannie Pepper, Tamara Longley, Summer Rose, Gail Sterling, Debbie Areola, Mike Horner, Jesse Adams, Scorpio, Interracial, Anal, Lesbian, Black

Actress: Lili Marlene,Nikki Charm,Jeannie Pepper,Tamara Longley,Summer Rose,Gail Sterling,Debbie Areola

Mike Horner stars as a late-night DJ whose female fans keep driving him to distraction. He’s a lusty lothario whose show on KZZR radio keeps gal calling in and telling him all about their lusty liaisons. He gets a ring from jiggly Jeannie Pepper, whose boyfriend has left her in the lurch. Of course, her two scrumptious blonde gal pals help soothe her feelings with some steamy Sapphic sizzle. Later, a relaxing blonde gal calls up and lets Horner know all about her steamy threesome with her hubby, a black gal and a banana. Meanwhile, Horner is trying to keep his own relationship with a leggy lust bunny afloat — somehow something keeps interrupting them at the worst possible moment! Just as he’s really getting revved up, he’ll hear the record skipping on the radio and realize that he needs to rush back to the studio to save face. The finale finds Horner in the studio when a pair of slender blonde beauties walk in. They’re determined to show him just how much they love his show, so they delve into a delirious threesome that builds to an explosive back door finale. Filled with wacky comedy, gorgeous gals and fiery frolicking, ‘Barewaves’ is surely headed to the top of the charts!